Episode 10: Where at last your website will arrive


Show Notes for Season 1, Episode 10

This one has a number of steps. We’re going to press on through until we have a website!

To log in to your free web hosting package from TSO, look for an email with the subject line, “Hosting account live (setup information within).” That will help you log in to your “Cloud Control Panel.” (Or hop back to Episode 5 if you haven’t claimed your free hosting.)

If you registered your new domain with TSO, it should already be using TSO nameservers. Otherwise, log in to the service where you registered your domain name, edit the nameservers (or choose Custom Nameservers) and set Nameserver 1 to ns1.tsohost.co.uk, Nameserver 2 to ns2.tsohost.co.uk, and Nameserver 3 to ns3.tsohost.co.uk. (If you only have two entries, that’s fine, and entries after three should be blank.

Next comes making secure connections to your domain possible, and installing the WordPress software that will power your website. In this helper video you’ll see me complete these important setup tasks, step-by-step. More details below.

The help page from TSO for adding your domain to your hosting package is here. Your Cloud Hosting Control Panel should be available at control.gridhost.co.uk (check the email mentioned above).

Under the Manage Website option, to enable safe, encrypted communication with your website you need Let’s Encrypt.

Then you’ll want to Install Applications. The application you need to install is WordPress, which should be the first on the list.

For now, I’d like to encourage you to experiment, without worrying if you will break your website. In fact, I’m expecting you to break it. And if (when!) that happens, just go back to Install Applications, and click the Uninstall button. That will lose all your work, so uninstall / reinstall isn’t something we’ll be aiming to do later on. But for now, it’s safe to play around. So enjoy this new experience! And welcome to the web!



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