Episode 2: Why go online?


Reasons to go online may include:

  • It’s trendy (it’s not)
  • It would be great to have our Christmas events online (a website’s for life, not just for Christmas)
  • We can forget about the printed sheet (who remembers to check a website every day?)
  • …What’s yours?

Reasons not to go online may include:

  • It’s scary (you need to get out more)
  • I don’t know how (it’s time you learned, and I’ll teach you)
  • I want to save something for the next new church member to do (that hasn’t worked so far)
  • …Go on, talk me out of it!

Spoiler alert! The (slightly dull but) compelling reason to have a website you control is… most people will look for you online, and assume whatever’s most likely looking is you. They’ll be frustrated, and you’ll be frustrated. So you need something that will be the thing people find when they look for you online. And it might as well be a website that represents you well, that’s fresh, current and comprehensive.

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