What is a podcast?


First, to reassure you, that really isn’t a stupid question!

You can think of a podcast as a radio show you can listen to any time, via a smartphone, tablet, smart TV or computer. Some follow very traditional radio-style formats, with fixed show length and frequency. But there’s a huge range of topics and presenting and production styles. And some radio shows are also released as podcasts, often with bonus material the benefits from the freedom from fixed schedules.

How do you find great podcasts?

There are lots of podcast directories. Famous ones include Apple’s iTunes directory, Stitcher, Spotify and Podbean. You can listen to the podcast right here on our website, or sign up through an app or directory. To get a taste of the Church Free Web Podcast, try out Season 1, Episode 1.

The Church Free Web podcast is available through a number of podcast channels, including:

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