Season 1 Episode 12: Planning your new church website


Shownotes for Season 1, Episode 12

Finding Role-Model Websites

The Premier Digital Awards (formerly Christian New Media Awards) include a “small church website” category. So use their shortlists to help you plan your website.

For 2018 the shortlist hasn’t yet been announced. In previous years:


2017 (“Most Engaging Small Church Site”)

Regeneration Church (Winner)
Coulby Newham Baptist Church (Runner-Up)
Christ Church Willaston
Emmanuel Medway Church
Minny Street Congregational Church

2016 (“Most Engaging Small Church Website”)

2015 (“Most Engaging Small Church Website”)

2013 (“Most Engaging Small Church Website”)

2012 (“Best Small Church Website”)

What to look for

  • What’s on the home page?
    • What’s there to engage new visitors?
    • How are the regular congregation supported?
  • How easy is it to find essential information?
  • What’s the style and tone?
    • Who is the site written for?
    • Is it consistent?
  • Is the information current?
    • What’s the evidence that the site is regularly updated?
  • What is the main “call to action” on each page?
  • How is photography used through the site?

Your homework

Find your top three (or at least one!) website in each of these categories:

  1. Just the best! (Even if it seems unachievable.) Look for the “wow” factor.
  2. A church with a similar “feel” to yours
  3. A church with a very different “feel” but connected to a (current or future) initiative of your own

Then decide what are the key topics to highlight on your website, on the home page and on separate pages that are easy to spot.

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