Season 1 Episode 11 – Learn how a WordPress website fits together


Shownotes for Season 1, Episode 11

Think of a website being a bit like a journal full of varied and interesting stuff. In the world of WordPress:

  • post is like one nugget of information, perhaps a film review you’ve written
  • page is like a page in a journal – it could contain more or less anything (including a collection of posts, for example)
  • theme is like a new journal – perhaps it’s very plain and simple, or it could have lots of different styles of pages designed for different purposes
  • Plugins are extra features for the journal – gummed corners to hold a photo, or index tabs to find important information quickly

WordPress underpins websites that look and feel very different. Lots of people have created a huge variety of themes and plugins. We’re not going deeper into that world this time, because I want you to play with your website, particularly adding posts, editing or adding pages, and changing the theme. If it breaks, Episode 10 tells you how to remove it and start again. So don’t think of this as work, and don’t try and craft your church website. Just have a go, and get the feel of WordPress. Soon we’ll do more structured learning together, but for now, dive in and enjoy!

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