Free stuff (and other bargains) for churches


On this page, there are links to help you find free stuff, stuff that can be free and stuff that isn’t free but that I recommend. Full disclosure: if you start by clicking here, some of these links are tracking links that could benefit us by generating a commission or by demonstrating that we are bringing customers. That costs you nothing, and I hope you’ll be willing to support us that way.

The list is tracking the podcast, so you can have the context and terminology to understand, whether this is something you need and that will enhance your church’s mission and outreach.

Free Email Accounts for Churches

We’re recommending Google. Find out more at Episode 4.

Free Web Hosting Service for Churches

We’re recommending TSO Host. Find out more at Episode 5.

Great Value (hooray!) Domain Name Registration for Churches

If we find genuine free services, they’ll be listed here. Meanwhile, we’ve recommended:

For the best prices we’ve found (and a Christian-run company), Tortilla Hosting

Or for good value and total convenience if you’re using their free hosting, TSO Host.

Totally Free Websites for Churches (no domain name required)

To create an attractive website quickly and easily (though it won’t have all the features we advise even small churches to get good at in the first six months online), we like Weebly.

To dip a toe in the water of WordPress and build transferable skills, gives a lot of value without hassling you too much to upgrade to a paying option. There’s a huge community online, and you can reach out for help and support (and, as youy build up skills, you can help others who need it).

Professional Websites for Churches (below £50 p.a.)

Our favourite option if you don’t want to follow us down the road of creating your own website using the brilliant free hosting package we recommend is‘s “Personal Plan.” For £3 a month (last time we checked) your website will have a custom address with the domain name registration included (whether it’s newly registered, or transferred from your current provider), the ads from the free plan are removed, and you get live chat (and email) support from the team.

And we’d be remiss not to mention who support this podcast. (Full disclosure: Jeremy is a cofounder.) It’s a non-profit project, you’ll be led through the project of building an awesome website on a specially adapted WordPress system, and you’ll have access to tools that normally cost literally hundreds of pounds to buy for your own website.

Other Ways to Benefit from the Digital Age