Episode 7: Choosing your home address on the web


Show Notes for Season 1, Episode 7

Here are some key points from this episode.

  • If you want to use great free tools for your church website, I think you’re likely to decide you should pay for a domain name
  • When you own a domain name, it’s unique and it’s yours, a bit like a street address
  • You can generally register your domain with one company and host your website with another
  • There is a free option: persuade someone who owns their domain to let you have a subdomain (which is analogous to an address like, say, Flat 16, 53 Station Road), I just don’t recommend that!
  • Subdomains¬†are a fully workable option when there’s a clear connection between the domain and the subdomain, for instance ThisChurch.uk works just that way
  • At time of writing, if you want, say, a .org.uk domain, it will probably cost around ¬£6-10 p.a., and you can shop around
  • If you’ve taken up the free hosting offer from TSO Host, the simple fair value option is to register a domain with them too
  • The best overall cost I found was from Tortilla Hosting (full disclosure: they’re the hosting partner of ThisChurch.UK)
  • Think before you commit! Next time, I’ll look at some fully free and low cost alternatives

Questions? Confused? Comment below and I’ll try and help!

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