Changing the home page of your church website



The homepage is an important starting place for visitors. It needs to tell them

  1. That this is the website they’re looking for
  2. That it’s current, not out-of-date
  3. How to find out more information

We’re going to change the home page from the default (a list of posts, great for a blog) to a welcome message and a calendar.

We already have a fantastic interactive calendar page, courtesy of the tool we installed before. But we can put calendars anywhere we like, thanks to shortcodes. The simplest shortcode for the All-In-One Events Calendar is this:


So to change the home page, we’ll create a new page that will become the homepage, use the Customizer to tell WordPress we don’t want the post list on the home page, and have a new page that lists posts (which we’ll link on the menu).

The calendar has too many options to memorise them all. So use this page to help you get just what you want.

Watch this helper video to go through the whole process step-by-step:

Headings (this is a Heading 2)

We’ve also discussed using headings well. Headings are helpful to visitors, and they’re helpful to search engines that guide people to the best web page. Every WordPress post has a title, and that will become “Heading 1.” So if there are sections in a post, they should each have a title that’s a “Heading 2,” and any subheadings in a section will be “Heading 3,” and so on. Most common word processing software will support “Styles,” but a lot of people are in the habit of modifying fonts to do the same job (perhaps using bold type and a bigger size to indicate a heading). That’s a bad idea online! It means that the look and feel becomes inconsistent, and it’s not clear to search engines how to direct visitors. So just adopt a good habit and stick to it!

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